Mission 100

About Huddersfield Mission 

A problem shared is a problem halved according to the old adage, but what if someone has nobody to share that problem with? What if they just don’t know where to turn for help or guidance? 

Huddersfield Mission has provided help, advice and support to the people of Kirklees for over 100 years. As times have changed so have the issues local people face. We constantly adapt to offer the best support we can on homelessness, poverty, benefits, unemployment, mental health and more. The support we offer is confidential, free and, most importantly, available to everybody who needs it. 

In a time where the impact of austerity and welfare reforms are forcing people into poverty and homelessness we have seen demand for our services increase dramatically. Whether it’s a single parent who has gone without food so their children can eat, a man in his 50s who is dealing with redundancy for the first time in his life or someone who has been evicted from their home and now spends long nights trying to get comfortable on cold, wet pavements – we can help. 

We provide a hot meal, a food parcel referral, an explanation of a baffling benefits system, a phone call to arrange temporary housing or to health services, clean clothes and more. We support people on their journey to independence. 

However, as demand increases, so does the financial strain on our organisation. We rely heavily on grants and external funding, however these resources are also now being squeezed, leading to more competition for each application. This is why we need you. Can your school, group, club or company help us to continue to be there for those who need our help and support by joining our Mission 100?

What is Mission 100? 

Mission 100 is for everyone – whether you are part of a school, sports club, business, community group, darts team, quiz team or book club – you can be part of Mission 100. 

And it’s really simple too. All we ask is that you commit to raising a few hundred pounds to support the work of Huddersfield Mission. How you do this is up to you. For example: 

• A business might give a donation as part of their community involvement or staff might have a cake sale, a raffle or a dress down day. Or maybe the more adventurous might tackle a fun run, marathon or hill climb. 

• A school might link a non-school uniform day with lessons about homelessness, or hold a disco, a fun day, or a baking competition. 

• A sports club or community group might hold a sponsored event or take on a challenge. 

• A church might offer a donation or hold a fundraiser.

Whatever you do we will provide a full fundraising pack and support you. 

How to get started…just send us an email to: fundraising@huddersfieldmission.org.uk to tell us that you want to be part of Mission 100

How your money will help 

At Huddersfield Mission we know that we can’t just focus on someone’s immediate need such as hunger or poverty. 

We need to understand what has brought them to this point so that we can help them move forward positively. This could be anything from having mental ill health, addictions or a history of offending that’s preventing them from accessing employment. 

Some examples of how we’ve helped in just one year. 

• 15,000 meals served by our dedicated Mission Café 

• 6,130 individual advice sessions held with our team of trained advisors to help begin a person’s journey to stability 

• 1,685 people referred for a food parcel 

• Over 1,000 meal vouchers (for a free meal, drink and pudding plus advice should they want it) have been bought by our supporters who then pass them on to anyone who is struggling. 

We’re not just about free meals and advice sessions, although these do make up the majority of our day-to-day work. Here are some other examples of what we do: 

• £7,445 spent on providing practical essentials needed to be able to meet an individuals’ basic human needs. 

• Helped 81 people access funding of £14,000 for essentials such as beds, fridges or washing machines – things that make a house a home for those who may have fled domestic violence or are moving from inadequate or temporary accommodation or homelessness. 

• We understand the importance of working with other organisations and are proud to be able to support numerous other community groups with our room hire offer.

How we helped ‘C’ 

‘C’ first came to The Mission after a long period of mental ill health and unemployment to seek support and help. 

The Mission advisors worked alongside other agencies, and advocated on ‘C’s’ behalf, to help her access medical treatment, the correct benefits, a nutritious meal and a safe space. C has now taken significant steps forward. With the right treatment and support she is now managing her mental health and is working full time in a job relating to her engineering degree. She says… 

I don’t think I have ever left the Mission without a solution. I was going to say it’s like a home, but it’s even better than a home… it’s beautiful. 

A few words from our very own Masterchef Jim 

“I have volunteered with the Mission for the last six years, cooking meals for the Evening Café which I find extremely rewarding. One of our customers at the café encouraged me to try for the TV cookery competition MasterChef. I applied and was delighted to be chosen to take part in the 2019 series. It was both a huge challenge and an amazing experience to get through to the final 10. 

I was pleased to be able to use my involvement in the BBC programme to highlight the work of Huddersfield Mission which is hugely valued locally. 

Much of the work of Huddersfield Mission is funded through the support of local businesses, community organisations and fundraising events. 

So please join Mission 100 to help us to continue to support the local community.” 

How we help you 

To help support your event and make sure that everyone has a great time we have developed a Fundraising Pack which contains everything you should need to ensure your event runs smoothly. It contains: 

• Ideas for fundraising events 

• Guide to organising your event 

• The legal considerations 

• Sponsorship form 

• Paying in form 

• A4 poster templates with Huddersfield Mission branding 

We also have leaflets, collection buckets and other marketing materials that can be requested if needed. 

Although we’re a small team of staff here at Huddersfield Mission we will always do our very best to accommodate any requests for us to speak at schools, groups, meetings etc. If a member of staff can’t attend then one of our trusted and committed volunteers will happily attend on our behalf, and they will be able to help with any questions you or your participants may have. 

Our fundraising packs are sent digitally but a printed version can be requested by emailing fundraising@huddersfieldmission.org.uk

We are also happy to promote your fundraising event to our contacts. Please send us the following details of your event: 

Name of event 

Organisation running event 

Date and time of event 

Brief description of event 

If you would like further information about the Mission 100, or wish to set up your own fundraising group, then please complete the contact form below.

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