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  • We've worked closely with Huddersfield Pharmacy to deliver Flu jabs to our customers and staff to protect their health during Flu season.

Working In Partnership

We understand how important working with partners can be to the service that we give our customers. Below are some examples of our ongoing partnerships.

Healthwatch Kirklees and Healthwatch Calderdale On Working With Huddersfield Mission

Healthwatch Kirklees and Healthwatch Calderdale would like to say thank you to Huddersfield Mission for their continued support and help over the past few years.

Our staff teams have regularly visited and spoken to many people about a wide variety of health and social care service, so that these services can meet the needs of local patients.

Below are some examples of how people who visit Huddersfield Mission have contributed and helped us make changes in the health and care services.

  • Single Point of Access to mental health services – We asked people what they thought of the crisis helpline for mental health services. Our findings were sent to the mental health trust for Calderdale and Kirklees and the service has since provided training in compassion for staff and ensure that their assessments are timely.
  • Access to dentistry in Kirklees – We spoke to users of Huddersfield Mission about their ability to access dental care locally. Many people told us about how this health service was not meeting their needs. We sent all of the feedback we gathered to NHS England and also contributed our evidence to a Parliament Health and Social Care Committee public enquiry.
  • Hospital reconfiguration – the local Clinical Commissioning Group (who buy hospital services for Kirklees) wanted to know how people felt about Huddersfield A & E services changing to an urgent care centre. The people we spoke to at Huddersfield Mission helped us complete surveys about the reconfiguration, our staff also provided up to date and understandable information for people to take away with them.
  • Section 136 – Section 136 of the Mental Health Act 1983 enables a police officer finding a person in mental health crisis and in immediate need of care or control in  publicly accessible place, to remove that person to a place of safety, the recommendations from this piece of work were sent to commissioners of services but also the local Police force. New procedures and the number of appropriate venues available for people in mental health crisis were increased locally.
  • People with multiple and complex needs – Some of the difficulties experienced by people with multiple and complex needs were brought to Healthwatch Kirklees by staff at Huddersfield Mission. Staff told us that they felt some of their service users did not have equal access to health and care services.  Huddersfield Mission collected case studies specifically about people’s experiences of discharge from hospital and mental health units. These case studies contributed to Healthwatch England’s fist ever Special Enquiry.

We hope to work with Huddersfield Mission many more times in the future.


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Find out more about our work and the impact we have, not only on our customers but also on our stakeholders and the services that we work with.

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